What Does Christina Do?

Curious about examples of what I’ve done? Sometimes a resume doesn’t tell the whole story, so I’ve included here a few highlights of my work.

ProLink Solutions

As the Marketing Manager at ProLink, I actually have managed several brands: ProLink Solutions, Procorem, SmartDox, and BitWise Controls. In this role, I’ve written press releases and successfully pitched media coverage (like this article in PCWorld), developed email campaigns with impressive open rates (see “Last Call for Appy Hour!“), and planned our conference and trade show presence (and after-parties).

bitwise wanted

I’ve also written four whole websites full of copy, and every single blog post on each of them. I’m unreasonably proud of authoring this one that was inspired by LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow, as well as ghost-writing this one for our CEO.


As the Marketing Coordinator at AltRider, I designed and implemented social media campaigns; wrote press releases, articles for industry publications, product descriptions and catalog copy; created layouts for print and web; organized memorable events for our customers (like a weekend off-road motorcycle ride through the Hoh Rainforest); and built strong relationships with members of the media (which resulted in coverage from as far away as Australia).


As a celebrity gossip writer, I kept readers updated about all the goings-on of the glamorous. But I kept the site interactive, using Twitter, creating a Facebook group, doing weekly call-in segments on featured Ustream webshow, and encouraging active discussion in the comments.

World Help

My role at World Help expanded during my employment. Although I was originally hired to do a little bit of everything, I was soon named the Communications Coordinator of International Ministries and put in charge of writing copy for our website, newsletters, project proposals, and private donor updates. Much of what I did was text-based, but I also spent plenty of time in Photoshop and InDesign, working on photos and new layouts for our publications.

Content is important, but it’s also important to get it to the right eyeballs in an appealing way. Please contact me if you want to talk about this more.

Disclaimer: While I produced the work described, it is owned by the organizations listed.

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